Jealous? Hunibadger don’t care!

HuniBadger is a dedicated team of innovators that DO care about bringing quality experiences and delicious tokes to the cannabis world! Hunibadger began their journey in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2015, and they made their way to MiVapeCo. shortly after in late 2017! Hunibadger is devoted to designing portable devices that combine the superior functionality of their designs with the convenience of transportability, bringing the best quality hits for concentrate enjoyers.

 HuniBadger’s patented designs get their critical acclaim from just how easily they can be shared! From creative borosilicate iDab and HoneyBird glass attachments to their convenient portable weather-proof cases, everyone can enjoy the satisfying hits and heavy-duty durability they promise! Their innovative designs and impressive utility from their products have made them a household name here at MiVapeCo., not to mention their global debut on VICE and WEEDtv! 

Since they’ve joined our shelves, Hunibadger has become a local phenomenon; our team is full of HuniBadger enthusiasts! The Huni Badger team and MiVapeCo. Have the same dream for the cannabis industry: to set a new standard for the culture with high quality, original products that promise the cleanest hits on devices you can trust! 

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